Alien Galaxy War

Alien Galaxy War Puts You In The Cockpit

What started out as a leisurely cruise in your spacefaring vessel has turned into a vicious Alien Galaxy War! Get those lasers heated up because you’re going to need them. Collect as many stars as you can while you blast and dodge your way through entire squadrons of alien fighters in this intense aerial combat game. The longer you manage to stay alive, the more points you can rack up.

Power Up And Obliterate Your Enemies!

If you really want to go on the offensive, keep a sharp eye out for those powerups! A bomb will wipe everyone off the screen and automatically redeem star coins for you. A ship powerup will equip you with a shield and an overcharged weapon for several seconds. As you rack up more and more points, your ship will accelerate, which means the enemies will fly at you even faster. That’s why only expert pilots achieve high scores in this Alien Galaxy War game.