Best airplane games:

Goblin Flying Machine

Monkey Pilot

Alien Galaxy War

Defenders Mission

Galaxy Battle

Rule the Skies in Our Free Airplane Games

If you’d rather daydream about surfing among the clouds than running around on the ground with the rest of us, you are going to love Kiloo’s airplane games for kids. We have all kinds of aerial antics ready for you to jump into, so don’t delay – let’s hit the runway and take off! Keep those wings beating and the propellers humming, because you’re going to be up there for a while getting as many points as you can. Whether you’re cruising, fighting, or doing a little bit of both is up to you. We have plenty to choose from in this category so that you can play airplane games online all day!

Become A Master Pilot

There is much more to this category than simply not crashing. If you want to really impress us while playing these airplane games online, you’ll have to single-handedly take out an army of hostile biplanes, or skillfully navigate your way around treacherous storm clouds while racking up points. It will take impeccable timing, perfect judgment and strong piloting instincts to make it through these levels unscathed. Whatever you think you’re in for, think again – these free airplane games offer surprises at every turn.

Unblocked Airplane Games

When the forces of evil take to the skies, it’s up to you to stop them, no matter what. You shouldn’t be held back by anything, let alone game blockers on public computers. That’s why we’ve made sure that everything in airplane war games category is fully playable, even with blockers on! That’s right, you can pull up the Internet, open a tab, and simply start playing. We don’t mess around with fees or memberships or credit cards either. Just pick your favorite, jump in that cockpit and get ready for the ride of your life. Speaking of, let’s take a look at some of the best features from this selection of awesome games. 

Browse and Play Our Favorite Airplane Games Online

From a vicious dogfight between dozens of airplanes to a one-on-one battle with a rival pilot, this airplane shooter games category provides more ways than one to enjoy the action. But hey, who said that airplanes are the only flying machines around here? If you like to use your imagination a little bit, you can even soar through the air as a winged creature or a particularly clever monkey! Whichever characters you prefer, a skilled pilot always has to keep one eye on the weather, too. How do you like to get your thrills at twenty-thousand feet? The choice is yours, pilot.

It’s a Warzone Out There

There’s “behind enemy lines,” and then there is “way behind enemy lines.” This category has tons of airplane war games to give you the feel of a real battle in the skies. Listen to the roar of the engine, the spin of the rotors and the loud chatter of gunfire. Keep ‘er steady, or you’re going down! One of our favorite more traditional airplane shooting games is Airplane Battle. In this game, you are definitely way behind enemy lines. You have ventured so deep into enemy territory with your biplane that not a single ally is within radio contact! In this title and many others, you have to fight your way through enemy lines if you want to survive.

Wait, That’s Not a Plane…

You don’t always need an engine to fly. If you are clever and determined enough, you can make a flying machine! That’s exactly what our little green friend did in Goblin Flying Machine. Even though all of his friends told him it wasn’t possible, a particularly inventive goblin who always dreamed of flying found a way. He fashioned up some wings out of plywood and wax paper that actually work! It doesn’t matter who or what you are. If you were born with dreams of soaring through the air, then you can make it happen. Explore this free airplane games category to help that dream become a reality for all kinds of kooky and fun characters.

Watch Out, Storm on the Horizon!

Think that the bad guys, bombs and bullets are the only threats up there? What about the sky itself? Some of these airplane shooting games are dangerous enough without even giving you any enemies other than the elements. For example, in Monkey Pilot, you will have to deal with volatile storms that pop up out of nowhere and even move around. Twist and flip around to gather those star tokens, but make sure you don’t cross the path of a super storm. This game and the others like it test your piloting skills on a totally different level. Anyone can squeeze a trigger, but can you flip and dip and dive your way out of a raging storm? We’ll see…

Set an Unbeatable Record

Cleared the entire screen of enemies, did you? Think that you’ve climbed high enough into the clouds? Well, think again, because most of these free airplane games are never-ending! You know what that means: You can’t give up playing these airplane games online until you’ve achieved a truly massive score. A score that your friends could never beat. Then, and only then will you be crowned the king or queen of airplane games for kids. So, pick your favorite airplane games online and start practicing, because there’s much to be explored.