Survive The Deadly Dogfight

What seemed like a routine patrol mission has turned into a vicious Airplane Battle! Out of nowhere, swarms of enemy fighters surround your lonely biplane. It’s a good thing you’re an expert pilot because you will need to twist, turn, and shoot your way out of this one for sure. Make your movements unpredictable to keep enemies off of your tail. Get into position behind your target and blast away without mercy. If you’re quick, you just might survive.

Rule The Skies In Airplane Battle

It’s one thing to shake a tail and grab a kill, but can you do it ten times? Twenty times? These enemies are showing no mercy, and you are way too far beyond enemy lines to call for backup. The only way to keep yourself alive is to take out as many enemies as you can. Kill or be killed – that’s how you win our Airplane Battle game.