7x7 Ultimate

Think Three Is Enough? Think Again

A line of three may cut it in other matching games, but in this 7x7 Ultimate game, that won’t be enough. Cubes of different colors are scattered across the game board, and it’s up to you to match them in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of four. Every time you move a cube without creating a line of four, three more cubes enter the game. That’s why this thinking game is challenging - each move could spell victory or defeat.

How to Boost Your 7x7 Ultimate Score

If you’re gunning for a high score, you will need to make multiple combos in a single move. This will earn you power-ups that can allow you to move anywhere or undo a past move. This game combines a number of creative concepts in a fun way, and that’s why we love it. When you’re going for that 7x7 Ultimate high score, remember: it’s about the combos!