Classic Tetris Action With A Twist

If you’re tired of scrambling to get the pieces ready as they fall from the sky, try 10 x 10. In this arcade hit, you have to stack blocks to form horizontal lines without filling up the screen. This is one of our favorite arcade games because, unlike classic Tetris, you can insert pieces anywhere and at any time. Pick from three and keep your blocks as tidy as you can. Even though you have more time, if you get too sloppy, you can still become overwhelmed!

10 x 10 Brings Hours Of Entertainment

This game has no levels but one – it’s just you versus you. Think you’re going to quit after beating this high score? That’s what we said, but then we played again. And again. And again. It’s ok, just bring something to drink and snack on, because this 10 x 10 game will hook you for hours!