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Basketball Master 3

Basketball Master 3 (Fun Sports Game) Free to Play |

Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup

Don't Crash The Car

Don’t Crash The Car (Fun Racing Game) Free to Play |

Minigolf Master

Minigolf Master (Online Golf Game) Free to Play |

North Hockey

North Hockey (Fun Online Sports Game) Free to Play |

Super PonGoal

Super PonGoal ( Cool Online Arcade Game ) Free to Play |

Talking Cat

Talking Cat

Are You A Team Player Or A Solo Stud?

Whatever your play style, our top-rated selection of free online sports games has something for you to enjoy. Battle worthy opponents in intense, fast-paced competitions or show off your style with a skateboard. Run, jump, and kick your way to victory and take all the glory for yourself.

As with any sport, perfection takes practice. If you want to be the best, you have to put in the effort, find the best techniques and learn from your mistakes. Choose your favorite from our growing list of action-packed, free online sports games, perfect your skills and become unbeatable! 

Choose Your Game And Rule The Scoreboard

Much more than just team sports, our free online sports games offer several fun and engaging opportunities for you to develop your skills. 
It will take well-honed timing and judgment for you to outfox the defenders and obstacles in one of our best online sports games, Basketball Master 2. Take aim, wait for an opening, and shoot away! Make sure to always review each level, as what looks like an obstacle may be just what you need to bounce around an unprepared defender and into the hoop. With practice and confidence, the defenders and your old high scores don’t stand a chance!

On the one hand, you can breathe a little bit easier with Minigolf Kingdom, as there are no defenders or shot clocks working against you. Developing the perfect shot, however, is much more difficult with so many corners, obstacles, and other unexpected challenges in front of you. Take your time, work on your bank shot, and keep the Mulligans coming – we won’t tell, promise.

If you crave speed with your online sports games, get your fix with Chase Racing Cars, a fast-paced racing game that puts your reflexes to the test. Weave through other cars, scramble for coins, and whatever you do, don’t wreck! You blink, you lose. 

Master All Of Our Free Online Sports Games

We are always adding to our free online sports games selection so that you can push yourself to win more duels, beat more scores and earn all of the bragging rights.


Whether you’re zipping through your rival race car drivers or perfecting your free throw, remember to prioritize fun. Practice and experiment with new techniques, just like pro athletes do. Take your skills to the next level and challenge your friends to attempt your scores. Most of all, remember where to go when you’re looking to play the best online sports games!