Shoot to Kill

Prepare yourself for the thrill of the hunt in the action-packed online shooting games you can find here! Line up those headshots and defeat other gang members, demons, zombies, nondescript blobs, and all kinds of enemies. Shooters can be found in all types and themes, whether you are interested in western duels with six-shooters and cowboy hats, epic sci-fi battles with lasers and ion cannons, urban gang shootouts in the present day, military skirmishes or post-apocalyptic scenarios.

Simple, Intuitive Controls

Almost all shooting games online feature simple controls in the good old point and click combination that has served gamers for decades. For desktop play either WASD or arrows to move, Space for special abilities or running, and mouse to aim and shoot. For touch, it gets even more intuitive with swipe, slash, and tap actions. These controls give players the greatest control over aiming and shooting accurately. A good amount of games also come with a crosshair, to increase your accuracy and deadliness.

Tools of Destruction

Get ready to wield an impressive arsenal of weapons of war: rocket launchers, flamethrowers, machine guns, tanks, lasers, and maybe even spells! Those are all possibilities in our free online shooting games. Not everything needs to be flashy though! Mechanics like a limited amount of ammo for revolvers or long-range sniping challenges are fun entertainment too, without the need for big, loud explosions or massive fires.

A Rich History

First person shooters were some of the earliest games created for computers and consoles. They utilized the at the time emergent technology to create an immersive experience. Being first person meant you were really slipping into the skin of the player avatar shooting. With Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, you really felt you were walking around within Nazi-controlled castle walls or a space station. Danger was around every corner and the lethality of the environment was very well conveyed by the game mechanics and difficulty. All game genres have evolved a lot, with whackier moods and different art styles over the decades, but one thing has remained a constant: fun!

Play Online Shooting Games Now!

So do not hesitate, jump in to play one of our free shooting games online! All you need is a keen eye and a lightning-fast reaction speed, and you will climb the scoreboards quickly!