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Keep That Chef’s Knife Sharp, Pizza Ninja

Mamma mia, the pizza orders are flying in, and Pizza Ninja has no time for a cutting board! It’s time to show off your slicing skills with this fast-paced clicker. Peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and other toppings are flying through the air. Slash and slice with your blade to chop them up so they can land on the pizzas below. If you miss three toppings, you lose! Also, watch out for those pesky bombs - that’s an instant game over.

Three Delicious Games in One

If you’re a fan of the classics, slice as many toppings as you can in arcade mode. If you like to push the limits, try challenge mode to complete a tricky task within just a few seconds. Memory mode is also tough, because you have to remember what not to slice while you chop everything else. How many toppings can you go through in this Pizza Ninja game?