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Pet Crush

Animal Puzzle

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Jewel Legend

Tap the Frog

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Lightning Cards

Lightning Cards

Frosty Donuts

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Jewel Legend is Matching Mayhem

You’ve been mining for precious stones your entire life, and in this Jewel Legend game, you’ve finally hit the jackpot! Rubies and sapphires and diamonds are all over the place, and you’ve got to match them in groups of three for points. Make sure to look for even bigger combos, because each level requires you to score a certain number of points with a limited number of moves.

Boom Goes the Dynamite!

We love this match-3 game because it adds a lot of fun bonuses and power-ups. Match four or more gems near a stick of dynamite to blow up a huge cluster of extra gems! Use the pickaxe to remove any diamond and the block underneath it. You can even use the minecart to remove several random diamonds from the screen. With quick thinking and good matching skills, you just might become a Jewel Legend.