Checkers Legend

Checkers Legend (Online Board Game) Free to Play |

Stickman Army : The Resistance

Stickman Army : The Resistance

Mini-O Stars

Mini-O Stars (Online Jumping Game) Free to Play |

Unblock That

Unblock That (Online Puzzle Game) Free to Play |


Dots Mania

So That’s Why It’s Called Dots Mania…

They’re disorganized, all different colors, and all over the place - it’s Dots Mania! Match three dots by connecting them with a line to pop them for points. If you’re in endless mode, you’ll be playing for a while, because they’ll just keep coming. In moves mode, your goal is to score as many points as possible in a certain move limit. In time mode, it’s infinite moves but limited time.

More Points, More power-ups

After you’ve scored a decent amount of points, head to the store to spend them on helpful power-ups. You can use these during play to buy back some of your moves, add time to the clock, remove a dot, or even remove all dots of the same color! If you combine power-ups with big combos in this thinking game, you’ll be unstoppable. Do you dare take on this Dots Mania game?