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Be Quick or Be Polar Bear Food!

We don’t know how they rigged up those sleds, but in this Arctic Pong game, hungry polar bears are dashing across the screen to eat you! Help our seal buddy dodge these furry bullies by timing each move perfectly. You’re bouncing between two springy ropes in search of coins. If you see a bear about to cross your path, tap to turn around quickly and avoid them!

Unlock the Entire Arctic Pong Crew

Once you collect enough coins, you’ll be able to unlock a surly cast of seal’s friends, including reindeer, owl, penguin and walrus. Try their luck against the sledding bears to see if they can last any longer before becoming lunch! This game is one of our favorites because of the constant excitement - every move could spell disaster if you’re not careful. Load up Arctic Pong today and try it for yourself!