Defend Humanity From Hordes Of Invaders

While mentally challenging games are great, sometimes you just need to blow up some aliens - this is why we offer a selection of free alien games online. There are no glimmering rewards here; survival is your mission. Invaders from afar are coming to conquer and destroy everything that you love, and earth hangs in the balance! If you’re looking for intense shooters that drop you right into the action, you’ve found them. All you have is a gun, some rockets if you’re lucky, and the will to defend your home. Forget diplomacy. Pick your favorite from our selection of alien shooting games online, load up, aim true, and show those unwelcomed guests what happens when they mess with you! Below are listed some of our favorite alien games online.

Choose From The Most Thrilling Alien Games Online

You’re definitely going to have to stock up on ammo for Aliens Attack, one of our favorite action games that pits you against endless hordes of vicious invaders. Like many other alien defense titles online, you are the last line of defense. Your daring mission is to blast as many aliens as you can while dodging their laser fire at the same time. Our advice? Aim for the higher value targets first, and keep moving! It’s hard to get more classic than that.

Even more deadly than the legions of alien ground troops are their rockets and lasers, which target the planet’s most valuable structures from above. In Planet Defense, one of our most highly acclaimed alien games online, you are given the huge responsibility of defending these military bases with anti-ballistic missiles fired from a single turret. As one of the most fast-paced alien shooting games online, Planet Defense requires lightning-fast reflexes and decision-making if you are going to make it out alive.

Fight, Defend, And Win

The ingredients for successful alien shooting games online are simple: lots of ammo, lots of enemies, and a lot to lose. Browse our impressive selection of online alien games to fight for your home against ruthless and futuristic enemy armies. When you get a moment, patch yourself up, rebuild what was damaged, and reload quickly, because more are sure to come. When the dust settles completely and you’ve repelled the invaders in one of our several free alien games online, you will be crowned Earth’s greatest hero!